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Recommended “coffee shop and breakfast”

It is a shop that you can walk from the inn when you want to have snacks or coffee in the morning.


This cafe is which refurbished Japanese old houses.
It is a close from inn. You can drink Specialty coffee with hand drip or espresso machine.
Hot dogs are around 10 o’clock. Also you can drink as a bar in the evening.
Weekdays from 7:30
Weekend from 10:00
Close Thursday
〒250-0011 神奈川県小田原市栄町2丁目12−46
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Tully’s Coffee Odawara Tozan East shop

It is near Odawara station bus Rotary and there are several cafés lined up here.
Weekdays from 7 :00
Weekend from 8 :00
〒250-0011 神奈川県小田原市栄町2丁目1−2
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Hakone bakery Odawara store

It is a bakery shop with several stores in Hakone and Odawara. Croissant is delicious.
from 7 :00
〒250-0045 神奈川県小田原市城山1丁目1−1−1
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呉地珈琲 Kurechi coffee

It is very local but there is a roaster, special coffee brewed with Nell drip. You can smoke cigarettes inside the store. If you like coffee, recommend a hot blend. The depth is ③,②,❶ . Or please say Mina’s recommendation coffee 🙂
Master likes movies and music.
from 9:00
〒250-0011 神奈川県小田原市栄町2丁目1−18
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Starbucks Coffee JR Tokai Odawara Station Store

It is a Starbucks in the building of Odawara station. It may be crowded in the morning, but it is open early in the morning,
from 6:30
〒250-0045 神奈川県小田原市城山1丁目1 小田原市城山1-1-1 JR小田原駅構内
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Have a nice morning time.
Thank you!